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(A Good Guide to Read before you Proceed)

If you have a room to spare,and enjoy hosting a guest, then add your room to the Budgetstays network. This is an efficient way of making money and you can really put that spare room to good use. There are always people looking for somewhere to stay, so get a hold of a great market and increase your cash-flow.
Firstly Register yourself.After Registration,make sure you List your stay.
Choose your Country. When the form is displayed select your State/Province from the drop down list.
If your State/Province is not listed, you have the option of adding the same.Click on Add a State.
The State you have now added appears on the drop list.
Select your State. The page will refresh.Now check if your District/City is listed.
If not, you have the option to Add the same.
Once you have added your District/City, the page will refresh.
Now ensure your Country-Stae-District are all correct. Then proceed to fill in the form.
While filling the form restrict your text in Address,Location, Landmark,
else you may find your page in error.Place all your text in Description & Terms. Submit.
your page gets hosted as soon as we get it.
(If your Country is not mentioned, do send us a mail first requesting to add your country.)

At any later date you wish to edit your page, then click on Manage your stay,
log in with your username and password. Your link is displayed.
Click on the Green icon which is edit.Your page now opens in edit mode.
You can edit the details as desired.

To place an image on your page:

you will have to mention the path in the space provided for the image to be seen on your page.
Let's say you have the image on another site called
Now when you get to this page where the image is, if you right click the image,
it will tell you the title of the image. Press Ctrl+C to copy this Title.
Now Click View on the Browser. You will see lower down a function called Source.Click on Source.
A Notepad with codes will open.Press Ctrl+F. Place your cursor in the search space and Press Ctrl+V.
and click on Find next. All mentions of the image title will show up. Now if your image is in a
folder called image you will read its location as src.." ./image/xyz.gif or jpg"
Copy this location   /image/xyz.jpg and paste it as shown below

Now click on Submit and you will find this image on your page at .
If your site is done with Frames then this advice will not work.
But for the rest of you go ahead and try it out.

To ensure you are on top, while your guest uses the Search feature,mention the State,District, Landmark,and other key words in your Description.If you have a site you can place your url link here. Always write and Submit - your details are hosted after approval.Once listed,the guest interacts direct with you-the host.

Travel agents,Tour Organisers,Rent-a-car companies and related service providers, can Register their details and provide links to their personal sites.They will need to click on the MyTravels Button,and when the Countries>States>Cities are on display click on the Countries>States>Cities where they offer their service.You will be asked to Suggest a Link. Click on this and Fill the Form that appears.Submit and you are hosted immediate.

Those who have Stays, should list as adviced above, and not under Travels.

Hosts whose details are hosted on this site are requested to approve of our email id's -,,&, so that they receive our mailers from time to time.Bounced mails can cause us to restrict your details.

Please contact the Administrator if you face any problem.
Snail mail - P.O.Box 12035,Azad Nagar Post Office,Andheri west,Mumbai 400053,India

Who We are. . . . . . . . .

Having travelled within the country and abroad, for the past two decades, the need for such a service was felt. This service is for anyone, to stay anywhere, in the Budget of his choice. We thank you for having visited us. Do Patronise our services and remember to tell others about it.

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